Picture of the Week Thursday: Woodpecker

Good morning!

Since I have some potted herbs and flowers that I want to over winter inside, and since the over night temps have started dipping into the 30’s, I started bringing pots in this morning.

While I was out in the  front yard, I started hearing the tap tap tap of a woodpecker. It didn’t take long to locate him on one of the sunflower stalks. Ed came outside about that time, and I whispered for him to get my camera.

Sometimes I think the Lord shows me things like this for the same reason I show them to my children. He knows I think it’s cool, and He likes to see my face light up.

Woodpecker on the Sunflower

Woodpecker on the Sunflower

Have a wonderful day.


7 thoughts on “Picture of the Week Thursday: Woodpecker

  1. It’s nice to join your blog. I understand what you’re talking about. My husband and I were sitting on the sofa and noticed a bird land on the rail of our back porch. It was a small hawk, and we were thrilled to see it!

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