Technical Difficulties

Good morning!

It is a beautiful day here in north central Missouri, and I plan to get some work done outside, but first I wanted to address a few technical difficulties we are working through.

First: We just discovered our “Contact Us” page was not, well, contacting us. We were not getting any notifications. The problem is fixed now, so if you previously contacted us, please do so again, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Second: I’ve been using Google Chrome for quite some time, and until recently, never had any real problems with it. Actually, I only have one problem with it now. When I am in WordPress, which is what allows me to talk to all of you, Chrome will not let me access my notifications. Notifications are what tells me that you have commented on post, that you are following us, or that you just like what we’ve written. When I click in the little notification icon, I just get a little circle that keeps going and going and going. “Contact Us” notifications go straight to my email, so this issue dosen’t effect that one.

I still have Internet Explorer, so I switched over and that worked fine. Still swtiching around is a hassle.

Three: Kat and Bam Bam both use laptops with Windows 8 (mine is Windows 7…Ed is still using XP), and both recently upgraded to Windows 10. When I saw I could do that too for free, I thought “Why not?” At first, it was all good, I did get some help with navigation from my teenager.

Then I went to what I thought was IE to check notifications. Well, it isn’t IE; it’s Microsoft Edge. Ok, well, no big deal, I guess. That worked fine for about two days. Now, Edge is telling me that it “can’t reach this page”. It can’t reach any page. Apparently Edge thinks I am not connected to the internet. Still trying to figure that one out.

My next idea is to see what I can get from Firefox. I’ll let you know.

Four: This is kind of related to three, and mostly just an irritant. Occasionally, I like to play Spider Solitaire. Do you know that in Windows 10, all the Solitaire games are online?  The games that are actually listed in Windows, as far as I am able to tell, are all trial versons. What is up with that?

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in IT; I ought to be able to figure this out!

Ok, that is my little rant for the day. Mainly, I just wanted to let you know that our “Contact Us” page is working properly.

I’ll  have some more homestead related things to share with you in a day or two.


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