Picture of the Week Thursday: The Frog

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Monday night, Ed was using the push mower to cut the grass next to the house. I could hear him outside the kitchen window, when suddenly, I heard him holler. I didn’t hear what he said, but I didn’t like the tone, in light of his recent mishaps. I went out the back door calling for him. He assured me he was okay, but told me to get Katherine and come out where he was. I called for Katherine and headed around the side of the house.

We have flexible black drain pipes that run from our down spouts and away from the house. He had picked one up to move it, and something living came out of the pipe. It was a rather large bull frog! It startled him, hence the hollering. About the time Katherine got out there, Ed told her to go back in a get the camera. She came back with her phone, and took this picture.

Posing bullfrog

Posing bullfrog

If I had been thinking, I would have got my camera to take a picture of my daughter squatting down next to the frog and gently holding the grass in front of him down so she could get the shot. She really does have a way with critters.


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