Picture of the Week Wednesday

Wednesdays are a little chaotic on the homestead. We are still trying to get used to Ed’s second shift schedule, which is normally either 2 or 3 to close. The last two Wednesdays however, he has had to be in at one. That cuts an hour or two off of whatever we do together in the morning, and pretty much nixes any work on larger projects. Additionally, Wednesday is Bible study night, which means I need to be ready to go to church by about 6:15. I am usually home before eight, but by that time, I am wanting to wind down and start heading toward bed (Even if I don’t actually get there until 10 or later.) On top of that, Katherine’s dad comes to get her every other Wednesday afternoon for lunch, and some one on one time.

In a nutshell, Wednesdays are pretty well shot for anything but short term projects. Breaking time up like that makes focusing difficult for me, which means I don’t get much done. Today I had an idea for something I could do that wouldn’t take a whole lot of time (I hope). I’m looking back through the pictures Katherine and I have taken the past few weeks, and I thought I would share some with you, hence “Picture of the Week Wednesday”

Katherine told her dad last week that she considers herself the “sunset picture taker” of the family. Sunset, this time of year, displays itself through our only kitchen window; the one over the sink. Katherine’s height puts her in direct line of anything coming through that window. I don’t know how many times she has come into the kitchen and stopped, staring out the window. Then she says, “I have to get the camera!” She disappears only to return with the camera and head out the back door for a better shot.

sunset over our neighbor's property

sunset over our neighbor’s property

After sunset, this is often the scene in the same window. Last night, she and I stood watching them catch moths for several minutes. No, it doesn’t take much to entertain us.

visiting tree frog

visiting tree frog


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