It’s Bundle Time!


I’ve been talking about this for a couple of weeks now, but it’s finally here! The Back to Basics Living Bundle sale starts today, and runs through this Saturday (Jan 24).

Another category in the bundle is Natural Remedies. It contains 14 eBooks, as well as a year’s subscription to The Mother Magazine.  If you’ve read much of our blog, you know I really like the idea of natural medicine and using herbs to treat illness, as well as making use of all those “weeds” growing in our yards and gardens.

One of those eBooks is “How to Make Healing Herbal Salve and Lip Balm” by Kami McBride from Living The first thing I noticed about this 88 page eBook is that Kami tells you how to print it out like a real book, if you are so inclined. After introducing herself and her adventure into salve creating, she gives detailed instructions, with pictures, for making the salves. Another thing I like about this book is that she gives the hows and why’s about the ingredients and processes. This is a real keeper! I’ll be playing with this book for awhile, and I’ll share my results with you!

Buy this bundle this week, and you probably have your reading for the year!  Yes, there really is that much in there!


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