Writing 101 Day 14: Recreate a Single Day

I’ve been thinking about this one for several days now, and have been kind of stumped.

Recreating any single day on the homestead is difficult because they all run into each other. I’m sure most of us can say the same thing about our “normal” days. The minutia of our daily lives is dull for the most part; even the things that are exciting for us in the moment, may put someone else to sleep in the retelling.

So, at the risk of putting you all to sleep, I’m going to recreate Sunday on the homestead.

Saturday nights are late nights at work for Ed. Since I stay up and wait for him to get home, it’s a late night for me too.

Yesterday morning, I got up at 6:30 because I needed to be at church by 8:00 for praise team rehearsal. There are several of us who rotate singing with the team, and today was my turn. Anyway, I got up and made coffee. Then I went back and asked Ed if he was going to drop me off and come back home, or stay. He said he would just drop me off. Ok. That helped me decide what to do next.

Since Ed and Katherine would take care of the animals, I just got the food ready We feed our dogs and cats apple cider vinegar and diatomaceous earth in a little wet food every morning. (It helps with parasites.) We also give Libby an allergy pill, and it’s just easier to give it to her in some wet food, than trying to force it down her throat.

Although I am usually not hungry when I get up, I knew it would be another five or so hours before I could eat again, so I needed to eat something. Since we went through the reintroduction phase of the whole 30 (sort of), I’ve been experimenting with soaked grains. I had both whole wheat and corn meal soaking, but only needed the whole wheat for biscuits. Then I cooked the last of the bacon.

Ed and I are both thinking that we are going to do another whole 30 soon. The grains aren’t doing a whole lot for us, and we’re not feeling as well as we were without them. Ed thinks dairy is probably an issue for him too.

Ed got up about 7:30, confirmed that he and Katherine would take care of the critters, and I went to get dressed. I woke Kat up, told her I was leaving, and that she needed to get up and let the chickens out.

I got to church a little before 8:00. I can’t describe rehearsal really. You would just have to be there. Normally there is a pianist, a keyboard player, drummer, bass player, and various guitarists and vocalists. Then there are the poor souls at the sound board who try to make adjustments for too much band in too little stage. We do have a good time though, and it IS for the Lord, so it’s all good.

A little after 9:00, Ed and Kat came in. Once again, I realized that my daughter has no “fashion sense” and doesn’t care. It’s a good thing that the only dress code our church has is that people must be dressed. She was wearing hot pink bicycle shorts, a lime green t-shirt, and tennis shoes.

Ed (who is wearing Khakis and a button down shirt) tells me that he thought about saying something to her, but thought better of it. He also told me that when they fed the dogs, he took Meeko off the chain. He had been tied up for two days. That is always the punishment for escaping the pen.

Sunday school and church went as they normally do, with a lot of music, laughter, prayer, hugs and a great message.

When we pulled into our driveway, Meeko was standing at the chicken coop, looking in at the chickens. I saw Ed’s whole body tense and he kind of flew out of the truck, picking up a 1 x 2 board on the way. Meeko saw him too, and the look on his face definitely said “Uh Oh” as he started backing away. He raced across what is left of the garden, and I think, tried to get back inside the fence. Katherine was concerned about Ed hitting Meeko. I told her he wasn’t going to hit him, and about that time he dropped the board.

I let Kat out of the back seat and she went inside. I took the keys out of the ignition, grabbed Ed’s Bible and Sunday School book as well as my Bible and purse, and then walked out to look at the chickens. They were fine. Then I waited for Ed to come back. He asked if the chickens were ok, and I assured him they were. He picked up the board and returned it to the small pile of lumber we are using for the cold frame. No, it isn’t finished yet. Maybe tomorrow.

Once inside the house, I started lunch. We barely had an hour before Ed needed to leave for work. I needed fix something for him to take in his lunch too. We are still trying to stay away from highly processed food. Katherine came to the kitchen to tell me she wasn’t hungry and was going to take a nap. I made corn bread from the soaked corn meal, and reheated some pinto beans. I also cooked up some hamburger and added some veggies for a stir fry type meal for Ed’s lunch and my supper. By the time the food was cooked and we ate, Ed needed to leave for work. That was about 1:15

About that time I realized I was tired. I haven’t needed a nap in several weeks, but it looks like I might need one to day. First I wanted to call my Mom because I hadn’t talked to her in a few days. I got her answering machine message, which, as some of you know, always has an original poem. I was only half paying attention, and just waiting for the beep, when part of the rhyme got my attention. I started to laugh out loud.

The message said,

The cats are waiting for Spring to appear,
They won’t take your call, and I am not here.
Leave me your message after the tone,
and I’ll call you back, as soon as I’m home.

I guess she forgot to change it. So at the beep, I told her. “Mom, I think you might want to change your message. You still have the cats waiting for Spring, and it’s September.”

When she called me back, we both had a good laugh. She said she had been so busy she hadn’t even thought about it. Then she told me that she didn’t really want anything special when she called. Guess what? No one told me that she called while I was at rehearsal. Oh well, we had a nice visit, and I took a nap.

I don’t think I actually slept. If I did, it was only for fifteen minutes or so. At about 4:00, Meeko and Libby both started barking their heads off. Something was wrong! I flew out of bed, through the house and out the back door. For a moment, I considered picking up that board myself! There were people in my neighbor’s pasture. People who were supposed to be there. That is what the dogs were barking at. Ok, I’m awake now. At 4:30, I went to wake Katherine, who has been sleeping all afternoon, to tell her that she had an hour before her ride to Encounter (Sunday night youth program) was due to pick her up.

Then I started on the mess I left in the kitchen after lunch. While the dishes soaked, I check my email and facebook and worked on this blog. I also talked to a few other bloggers. Do you know there are some incredibly talented people out there in blog land? I wish I had time to read more of their stuff.

Katherine’s ride came right on time and I enjoyed my two hours of weekly solitude by doing what I had been doing already: cleaning the kitchen and working on the blog. I moved my laptop to the dining room table earlier this week since I was using it for school, and I haven’t moved it back yet.

As you can see, I had all kinds of editorial help.

my editorial staff

my editorial staff

At 7:30, I went outside to shut the chicks up in their roost. They were already in there, so I just closed the door. I had a few scraps for the dogs that I planned on tossing over the fence near Meeko. The fence there was higher than I thought and the scraps were soupier. I think we all wore some of it!

Kat got home about 7:50. She said she is going to sing for Encounter next week. I told her that would be great!

I posted “Results of the Poll” to the blog, and then got a facebook notification about the lunar eclipse. So Kat and I watched it. She was so excited! This is the best picture I got. I know; it’s pitiful.

Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse

I’ve talked to my dad almost every Sunday night since I was a kid. The only exception was the year I spent in Korea when I was in the Army, and the times I didn’t have a phone. He lives in Georgia, and he started calling me on Sunday nights because the rates were lower. Now, I usually call him. We often talk for a couple hours. I called him about 9:30.

Ed got home about 10:30. I hung up from dad about 11:00.

Then it was time for showers and bed.

When I finally laid down about midnight, I realized that not only had I not done my personal daily Bible reading, Ed and I hadn’t done our joint study either. The sermon that morning had been about making time for the important things….Forgive us Lord and help us to do better tomorrow….


7 thoughts on “Writing 101 Day 14: Recreate a Single Day

    • Thanks!
      Usually what happens is our youth minister/praise team leader sends me a facebook message asking if I’m available to sing that coming Sunday. Then he sends out an email to the assembled team telling us who is singing/playing and which songs we are doing. There are links to YouTube videos of the songs so we can familiarize ourselves with them if we don’t know them already.

      Then we show up at church at 8 Sunday morning for rehearsal. Ed played his banjo with us a few weeks ago. We do have a good time! 🙂


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