Writing 101 Day 4: The Attic Window

On day four, we were shown four images and asked to pick one. This is the picture I chose:

It is a picture of an attic window. It leaves me feeling a little nostalgic and melancholy. The picture reminds of me of a couple different places; both homes where the second story was one large room with closets running the length of the long walls. Had those closet walls been removed, the image would be similar to this one.

Both houses were built in the 1920s or earlier. One of the houses belongs to my grandfather, and my sister lives there now. It was home for me when I was a teenager, when my room had a view similar to the one in the picture. It was a little more sophisticated, but not much. It’s my niece’s room now, and it was my mother’s before me. I’m not sure exactly when it was built, but I do know that it was used for a school house in the early 1930’s. Now the house needs some work.

The second house belonged to my children’s paternal grandfather. The house was built by his father around 1920 on the family’s homestead in south central Kentucky. It was a great old house. Unfortunately, it was lost in an auction several years ago, and I have no idea what kind of shape it’s in now. It needed work then.

Although I love our place, I would have liked to found one of those old farm houses with the attic windows just like this one. On the other hand, I’m kind of partial to Queen Anne Victorian houses too.

On a personal note, Ed and I had our second wedding anniversary today. Poor guy is in bed with a head cold!


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