Chicken Son…. I’ll Show You a Chicken

A couple weeks ago, we were headed for the big city of Chillicothe, Missouri when we passed a sign that read, “Eggs, Chickens and Fowl for Sale”. We were past the turn before the sign registered on us, so we just kept going but made a note to remember it.

This afternoon we, again needing to make a trip to town, made the turn onto D Highway and drove right by the place of course. We missed a big sign in front of the place saying that they did indeed sell chickens fowl and eggs and another sign that said, “Caution Protected by Guineas”.

We went on to Chillicothe, but would not be denied so we came back up and this time we found it. Actually, we were looking for a connection for free range eggs and chicken meat. I had no intention of buying a live chicken.

Meet the new members of the Hall family farm. Now they must compete with 2 dogs, 3 cats and assorted wildlife. Good luck chicks.

Meet the new members of the Hall family farm. Now they must compete with 2 dogs, 3 cats and assorted wildlife. Good luck chicks.

Being a firm man, I stood my ground. We did not buy a chicken… we bought five chickens. We have no chicken house and we had no chicken feed, but we bought five baby chicks.

Oh, I have plans for a chicken coop. I probably have five or six really good ideas. I guess its time for me to get off the dime and build a chicken coop. Right now they are small and we have them in a wire cage that was  left to us by a previous owner.

Meanwhile Katherine will be making pets of my chickens and teaching them how to line dance. I am just thankful her and the local skunk family have not gotten together.

So I stopped by the local Co-op and bought a fifty pound bag of starter feed. I think I am going to need some more chickens. When we got home, we cleaned out the cages and choose the one we would start them in.Then we cleaned out the water and food dishes and we put them all together in the picture you see above.

So now, I guess, I am a Chicken Farmer.


6 thoughts on “Chicken Son…. I’ll Show You a Chicken

  1. I have to say I really enjoy this blog, especially knowing that it is a joint effort on both sides of the marriage! I wish you luck with your chickens. I hope they provide you with some smiles.☺


  2. Be mighty careful…..I had me a 5-acre farm once. I brought 2 turkeys home….Bonnie and Clyde I named them….didn’t take long incubating eggs in the incubator (my husband at the times idea) we ended up with 35 and they all thought I was momma….followed me everywhere on the farm. Sat on my lap until they got too big….they were a lot of fun. They are dirty birds……just sayin….hahahahaha I wish we would have raised chickens instead…..Yes, we ate them but it was hard butchering them to eat…we had to stop naming them…Sold the farm and all the turkeys but I sure miss the life. It was soooo peaceful and rewarding. Hard work, but you always reaped benefits from it all. Hugs and God Bless. 🙂


    • Yeah, we bought layers first knowing Katherine would make pets out of them. I have warned her that one day we will be raising and eating our own chickens.

      Of course, being 15, she just looked at me and gave me the patented teen-girl eye roll.


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