Why Are We Here Again?

There are plenty of fantastic homesteading blogs out there, so why on earth would we want to start another one? Well, the reason we call our blog, Old folks at Homestead, is because, when compared to most new homesteaders, we are old. I am 51 and Ed is 64. We both have health issues that present unique challenges to the rigors of homesteading, and I think we bring a different perspective to the subject. The same could be said about our decision to home school my daughter, starting in 9th grade. We’ve just kind of done everything backwards.

Additionally, the blog isn’t just about homesteading, per se. It is also about us individually, and all the things we love. For me, that includes repurposing and wildcrafting, for Ed, it’s leather working and cowboy poetry. For both of us, it’s a love of music and books and animals and most of all, a love for the Lord and a desire to honor Him in all that we do. You will find a little of all of that here.

We will experiment and learn new things too. Ed wants bees and I want goats, but we are going to get chickens first.  We hope you’ll come along with us on our journey. Share in our successes and our down right disasters. Let us know how we’re doing. Perhaps we can learn from each other along the way.

We’re glad you’re here.


11 thoughts on “Why Are We Here Again?

  1. Hello Connie (and Ed),

    Exactly, with all of the homesteading sites out, why add another one. Well, I say, Why not? 😉 Thanks for sharing. I’ll be following along for more

    I just Wanted to drop by and say hello and introduce myself, I’m Celeste and we currently are taking Blogging 101 together.

    Welcome To Blogging 101 😉

    Drop by anytime to say hello or just browse around.

    ☆☆ Happy Blogging ☆☆

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