Rain Day

The wife and I were out looking at our budding (at least supposed to be budding) garden. I believe the tomatoes were doing the backstroke, while the corn and beans were engaged in a stirring game of Water Polo. Did I mention it has been raining a lot around here?

The prognosticators are saying we have the potential for a year as bad as the Flood of ’93. I was not here for the real flood of ’93. If the looks of the little creek is any sign I will not be here for this one. I will probably be considerably downstream, if it gets that bad.

Where was I? Oh yes, we were looking at the garden being slowly drowned; I turned to her and said, “Maybe we should have planted rice.”

I do know that the Good Lord has promised not to end the world by means of a flood again. However, He made no such promise concerning the state of Missouri did He? I am instructed by the Bible to be thankful in all things so I do thank the Lord for showing me where the low spots on our new homestead are exactly.

So being rained on in great splashing bushel baskets full of water leaves one with a lot of time on his hands. Hard to put up a fence when every time you try to sink a fence post you hit water. Anyway, I do not swim very well with a roll of fence wire on my shoulder.

So you decide to do all those inside things you have been putting off. The first thing you need to do is make a list. Brainstorm and put down every possible thing you can do from remodel the den to take a nap; then you need to prioritize said list by numbering the items you have and identifying the top ten; finally you need to put the list where it can be seen but will not be misplaced. Of course, you misplace the list.

That’s all right, I am a writer you know, I have started two novels, a couple of cowboy poems, a gospel song, a nonfiction semi-autobiographical piece, a couple of blog entries and a grocery list for the health food store.

Let me just start on something, “It was a dark and stormy night….”….. Did you know that Microsoft has some games on your computer? Two in particular are Hearts and Spider Solitaire., these are alternately referred to as Mental Crack and Intellectual Heroine.

Four hours later, I realize that I am hungry and go to find the wife to discuss the whos, whats and whens of lunch. She is busy playing Spider Solitaire and yes, it is still raining outside

Proving that any fool can make a grilled cheese sandwich and soup, I fix lunch. After grace, when we thank the Lord for our food and the day we are wasting, I ponder my missing list. Still have no idea where it went, but suddenly I do remember an important chore.

“Feel like a nap?” I ask my Love.

She smiles like the angel I often suspect she is, “I was just about to ask you the same thing.” She says.

Another rain day well spent.

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