Is It Spring Yet?

The holidays are over and its back to school time. For my daughter and I, that means meeting at the dining room table at 8:00 a.m., in order to begin our school day. Right now our main focus is finishing a Native American History unit, so there is a lot of reading, and watching videos. Monday went well and we got a lot done, but she spent most of Monday night in the bathroom, so we took yesterday off. She is feeling somewhat better today. Tomorrow, we’ll be back at it, full steam.

I always think I’m going to spend the dark days of January working on school, indoor projects and crafts, but inevitably, my mind turns to spring and starting seeds. My mind gets help when I start getting gardening supply and seed catalogs in the mail. Then Common Sense Homesteading posted the link to this article on facebook! I so want this, and I’ve already asked the Shelf Elf (Ed) if he’s up to the task. I have the perfect place for it!

One catalog that we always get this time of year is from Lehman’s. This is our version of the Sears Wish Book. We rarely buy anything, but we both really love to look. I know Ed saw a hand pump that we might be able to use if we ever get the well going. I love to look at all the food preservation stuff. They have canners and dehydraters, grain grinders, oil presses and fermenting crocks. Some women dream about fancy cars, houses, or clothes. I dream about grain grinders and oil presses! I also dream about goats and ridge heddle weaving looms but that is another post.

To make matters worse (or better depending on your perspective), our weather has been unseasonably warm. Last fall, a friend gave me a few bulbs, and my son planted them for me inside a rubber tire in the front yard. The tire was to prevent any accidental mowing. Last week, when Ed and I were out walking the property, I noticed a little green shoot coming up inside the tire. “Oh, no!”, I said, “Go back! Its too soon!” Of course, I know that it is too late for that one. Today our high temperature was 7 degrees and the windchill is expected to be in the negative double digits.

Normally, when we walk the property, we walk around the back yard and the pastures, tentatively planning what we are going to put where. We’ve already mentally moved the vegetable garden, dog run and chicken coop three times. That day, I had a purpose for walking the front yard.


The first picture was taken the day after we moved in. We cleared out the overgrown stuff next to the porch, and made room for the dog house. This is what it looks like now.


Note the tire at the right hand edge of the picture.  We want to add a porch that runs the length of the house, and I want to turn the whole thing into a garden. I want flowers, herbs, trees, bushes, benches, and fountains. I want it to be a place where neighbors want to come and share a cup of coffee and a visit.

Yes, I know, its going to take a long time to get it how I can see it in my head, but as long as the Lord lets me stay here and stay healthy, I’m in no hurry….well except maybe for Spring to get here so I can get started.


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