The Nickel Tour

When friends show up at your new place, you want to give them the “nickel tour” so let me walk you around our little five acres. First, understand that I am not just looking to tell you things, I am looking for advice as well. As you read this, look at the pictures, and if you have any advice you believe might help me, feel free to speak up. If you are anywhere in the Braymer, Missouri area and want to get in contact, we would welcome it.

012I described our house in my first post as our new house. It is new to us but, is actually fifty-one years old. We have three bedrooms, Two and a half baths, a fair sized kitchen, living and dining room area combined, and a den. There is also a half basement that includes a garage. All told, a decent living area.

007 011

This is still the front of the house, but walking towards the road. Those two creatures following me are rumored to be dogs. The cat at my feet in the next picture is called Marshmellow, and he thinks he is a dog. Don’t believe me?


If you want to know anymore about dogs, cats and their perils try here.
This is the two car detached garage. It has a work bench and some great space which we need to use better. Hey, I am working on it.

One of the previous owners was something of an electrician. Everything: barn, garage, basement and this poor old chicken coop is wired for lights. How amazed do you imagine I was when I stuck my head inside this thing and saw a light switch? Almost as amazed as I was when I found it worked.


These pictures, of course, are of the barn. It is really a very well constructed barn with two stalls to the left, three feed rooms and another milking stall to the right, a full loft and an added lean-to area for farm equipment. As can be seen across the place our previous owners left me a lot to clean up. You would be amazed when I tell you that over half of what was in the barn is now gone.


These last pictures are of the land itself. In the first one you can see a small tree line, this is where the old well is located. It appears that the old well house burned and the pump has been removed. I am thinking, if the well turns out to still have water, a manual pump and stock tank. As you can see, the place needs a lot of clearing along the fence lines, some additional fencing, a lot of basic clean up and work I have not even considered yet.

But there it is. I think it has a lot of potential.

God Bless


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