Getting To Know The Crazy Old Lady, and Hoping To Be Just Like Her.

As you all know, part of the purpose behind this blog is addressing the issues of working a homestead as we get older. Well I came across a blog belonging to someone who has been there and done that for quite some time. I think I want to be like her when I grow up.

Part of the requirements for the Blogging 101 class involve reading other blogs, not only as a means for having examples of good (and sometimes, not so good) blogs, but as a way to get to know “the neighbors”. Yesterday’s assignment required that we find and comment on four blogs we had not commented on before. After scanning several new (to me) blogs, I found a blog post entitled “The Blue Funk”. It was the newest post on a blog called Ramblings of a Crazy Old Lady.

The seventy-five-year-old author was lamenting the fact that most of her family does not approve of her lifestyle, and while she wishes they did, she is who she is. Then she went on to describe her life as well as what is going on with the animals she has rescued, as well as her garden and the status of the local hummingbirds.

At first, I kind of felt sorry for her for being so “outnumbered” by members of her family. But then I realized that she is living a life she loves, doing what she loves to do the way she loves to do it, and has absolutely no intention of changing. I admire her spirit! In a comment, I told her to keep right on doing what she is doing! I also shared that our dogs have similar issues, and I was looking forward reading more of her blog.

Then I started reading her previous blog posts. She had me laughing, crying, and shaking my head in amazement! She writes about her appliances wearing out, medic alert mishaps, and caring for and rehabilitating a neglected and abused horse. Did I mention she’s seventy-five? She grew up learning how to reuse and repurpose, and still does. This is one old lady I would love to visit!

If you like our blog, and don’t follow her already, I highly recommend Ramblings of a Crazy Old Lady!